VIBATAN for agriculture

Over two decades of experience in the agricultural field make VIBA products different from many other standards which can be found on the market and suitable to meet any kind of requirement aimed at the protection of crops. Our team of experts works constantly in collaboration with the most qualified producers of raw materials thus offering advanced and high quality products which can meet any sort of request for specific cultivations and their climatic area.

VIBATAN range offers:

Anti UVStabilisers for Agricultural Films, PP Rafia and HDPE monofilament.

Photoluminescents which can absorb UV radiations and turn them into radiations of the typical red light band, thus improving quantity and quality of crops, assuring a proper synergism with anti UV stabilisers and consequently their reduction. A perfect prevention of blackening in flower cultivation, especially for roses, is furthermore guaranteed.

Antidrop and Antimist which avoid fogging inside the greenhouse, one of the main causes of crop damage. The additives which are added to polymers migrate to film surface and prevent the formation of drops, thus making the film completely transparent.

IR Absorbers which can reduce the greenhouse heat released at night and increase the presence of light inside, essential conditions for a proper growth of crops.

Cooling Agents developed to cool the interior of greenhouses without depriving crops of all the benefits of ultraviolet radiations.

Photoselective agents which allow films to absorb UV radiations useful for crops. These are particularly used in order to avoid the growth of weeds and at the same time to keep the soil warm and to reduce the evaporation of H2O.

Antivirus specific for greenhouse films, effective against the transmission of viruses by harmful insects.

Masterbatches specific for mulching, small tunnels and solarization used in agriculture to improve crop productivity by preventing the growth of weeds, the harmful presence of insects and by reducing the use of chemical substances.