The peregrine falcon probably is nature’s ”top gun”, being nature’s fastest flying machine. A special membrane constantly cleans the eyeballs from all impurities making its view incredible.

Even an animal apparently so perfect has been stopped by man. Several specimens have been recently found dead, poisoned by Hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD), a very harmful substance drained into ground water which they drink.

HBCD have traditionally been used as Flame Retardants, but in a near future their use and production will be no longer allowed.

On the occasion of a UN Conference in Geneva more than 160 countries have drawn up a protocol aimed to phase out toxic chemical HBCD, due to its listing as a persistent organic pollutant and consequently as substance of very high concern.

Such toxic substances accumulate in organisms and decompose very slowly. High levels of Hexabromocyclododecane have been unfortunately found in birds, mammals, fish, and even in the subsoil.

European Regulation REACH has therefore announced a “sunset date” for the use of HBCD in Europe (21 August 2015).
After that date only authorised applications will be allowed in the UE. Consequently producers of Hexabromocyclododecane have been ramping up production of replacement additives which can anyway guarantee:

  • high fire-proof performances
  • processability in EPS and XPS
  • compatibility with other additives
  • high insulating properties
  • environmental sustainability


VIBA is today in the position to offer its highest performance solutions in the respect of the European Regulations, such as VIBATAN® PS FLAME RETARDANT 04260 and VIBATAN® PS  FLAME RETARDANT 04495

VIBATAN® 04260 is a special dispersion of a new brominated compound, stabilizers and synergist in Crystal Polystyrene. It has been expressly developed for the production insulation panels expanded with gas of any chemical nature.
If used in combination with specific nucleating agent Masterbatches  it does not interfere with the formation of fine and homogeneous cellular structure of the panels.

VIBATAN® 04495 is a dispersion of active substances  based on brominated organic compounds on a styrenic carrier. This Masterbatch  is suitable to make styrenic resins self-extinguishing and particularly suggested for those applications which need to be free from HBCD.

VIBA’s Technical Department is at disposal for any further information you may require.