Thanks to the constant research efforts, VIBA Laboratories have recently developed a new range of Masterbatches specific for PET, a Technopolymer which deserves the utmost attention due to its continuous expansion on the market.

It is well known that Polyethylene Terephtalate is widely used in applications such as fibers, films and bottles because it is a very stable polymer; nevertheless, during its processing some undesired phenomena may occur such as thermal degradation, hydrolytic degradation, yellowing and the formation of acetaldehyde.

The aforementioned phenomena’s cause a reduction of mechanical, optical and organoleptic performances of the end-product.

On the other hand VIBA’s new products help improve PET processability (also of recycling PET) conferring to the polymer enhanced features in viscosity, brightness, antistatic effect, resistance to impact and UV.





Here follows a brief introduction to such products :




from 1,0% to 3,0% Combination of Slip and Antiblocking agent in PET homopolymer


from 1,0% to 3,0% Combination of Slip and Antiblocking agent in PET copolymer
PET Optical White 02727


indicatively 3,0% Special Bluing agent studied for reducing the yellow index during PET regeneration
PET Viscosity Booster 03086


indicatively from 6,5% to 20,0% Additive which can increase viscosity during the transformation process recycled PET
PET Impact Modifier 03143


indicatively from 10,0% to 50,0% Masterbatch which improves PET resiliency features
BOPET Antistatic 02643


from 3,0% to 10,0% Antistatic concentrate studied for BOPET and which can be used for any PET transformation
BOPET UV Master 03095


from 3,0% to 5,0% Masterbatch suitable both for BOPET and for PET films or sheets for the packaging field, which can absorb UV radiations thus protecting the contents of the packaging.


Furthermore, we would like to stress some other important features which are not to be underestimated such as those of VIBATAN® 02727 which can confer very pure optical effects and if used together with a normal Masterbatch based on TiO2 can absorb the radiation range of the yellow spectrum.

VIBATAN® Viscosity Booster 03086 has been expressly studied for those applications which need to use recycled PET, thus having a considerable economic impact allowing the substitution of virgin PET which is very expensive. On the other hand VIBATAN® 03095 is suggested for packaging applications conferring to the end product a high level of impermeability to UV rays. In fact the special additive which is contained absorbs these dangerous rays up to the wave length of about 380 nm, thus creating an efficient protection filter for the packaging content which would be otherwise altered by light. It obviously complies with the regulations for food packaging applications.

VIBA’s Technical Department is at disposal for any further information you may require.