Date: 05/06/2012

VIBA has always been at the forefront in the field of FLAME RETARDANT additives and therefore we can offer a wide range of products which can meet all the different needs of the market. They can also comply with all the international regulations, every day becoming more severe and giving priority in particular to the control and replacement of those chemicals considered extremely problematic, but which nevertheless may be used when the manufacturer demonstrates that the risk to human health and for the environment is adequately controlled.

Let’s take the brominated flame retardants for example: they are used in a wide range of consumer products such as electronics, textiles or other articles, all applications where there is a high risk of fire. Their content of Bromo makes them particularly effective as inhibitors of combustion, but at the same time bromine is quoted in the list of those substances which are considered harmful.

This is why producers need to evaluate the feasibility of replacing such substances with compounds less problematic to humans and to the environment, or at least to limit their dosage.

VIBA is today in the position to offer a new Flame Retardant, VIBATAN® FLAME RETARDANT 03281 with a low content of bromine and free from antimony, as required by ROHS, which therefore complies with all the Regulations which limit smoke toxicity if compared to halogenated products.

Such product is particularly suitable to make polypropylene self-extinguishing and especially suggested for applications such as cables, corrugated pipes and sheets.