Date: 30/11/2010

VIBA has recently reached an agreement for the supply of Electricity from renewable sources. Since its implementation contributes significantly to the reduction of Carbon Dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, this proves how important the environment is to VIBA.

We have chosen “Epiù”, an operator who can provide RECS energy (Renewable Energy Certificate System), the internationally recognized system that certifies and supports energy production from renewable sources for which VIBA will be given the proper Certifications.

Our company has also installed photovoltaic arrays on the roofs of two of its factory warehouses in Tradate (VA), each of which consists of 196 photovoltaic panels for a total area of 664 m2. These panels will produce over 100,000 kWh of electricity from the sun per year, considerably reducing pollutant emissions into the atmosphere, as compared to normal energy production by traditional power stations.