Have you ever heard about PLASTIMORPH?

It is a very innovative easy-to use mouldable plastic which can be softened in hot water and shaped with bare hands.

PLASTIMORPH (www.plastimorph.com) is an atoxic polymer, biodegradable, extremely resistant and at the same time incredibly light.

It is special because it softens at relatively low temperatures (about 60°C) and can then be shaped while still soft. Once cooled it becomes incredibly strong, but can again be made easily mouldable and reusable by heating it. The only thing you need is a bowl of hot water in which to pour the pellets in. Then just wait two minutes and pellets will change and from white to transparent. You can then remove PLASTIMORPH from the water and start to shape it.

It is for sure a very innovative solution for repairing objects, tools, toys and replacing any component hard to be found.

Just an example:

the handle of an old knife broke, but the blade is still perfect. You can easily solve your problem, warm up some pellets and proceed to shape a new handle to replace the old one.

Its characteristics make the product very useful for “Do It Yourself” jobs, Artisans, Artists, Architects and everybody working with prototyping.

It is sold in white pellets, but can be easily coloured by adding coloured Masterbatches, among which our VIBATAN® BLACK N0169 is particularly suitable for the processing of POLYCAPROLACTONE and perfect for conferring to mouldable plastic a perfect “clean” BLACK which will not leave any shade on hands and which will perfectly mix with neutral pellets.

VIBATAN® BLACK N0169 is atoxic and perfectly stable to temperature. The pigments it contains have a very good heat/light stability which maintains the colour steady and intense with optimal colour dispersion.

VIBA’s Technical Department is at disposal for any further information you may require.