Date: 27/04/2011

Dear Customer,hereby we want to reply to all the recent and numerous inquiries about the possible presence or absence in our masterbatches of products imported from the area affected by the nuclear emergency occurred as a result of the earthquake that struck Japan last March.

Raw materials used in our products already supplied or being supplied to our customers.

We wish to emphasize that all raw materials used in our masterbatches, and coming from Far East, were produced and packaged by our suppliers before the 11th March 2011.

Raw materials to be used.

As for raw materials which will be bought in the future and used for the production of our masterbatches, we can not guarantee that they do not come from Far East. On the contrary we can ensure a rigid monitoring of the situation with all our suppliers, asking them specific assurances that the products supplied are absolutely free of radioactive contamination.

Checks of the supply chain.

To try to better face this emergency, we made reference to what indicated by the European Union in its Communication dated 25th March 2011 (MEMO/11/195), about the safety of products imported from Japan. Such control and monitoring measures must be followed by the Member States of the European Union.

The actions we have asked to our suppliers cover all products, which are raw materials, resins, additives, pigments and / or colours and packaging materials. As stated by the European Union we have also asked adequate controls of goods imported from Japan or from Far East.

We trust that our continuous communication with our suppliers, as well as the actions taken by the authorities, can offer all necessary guarantees to prevent the use of hazardous products.