Although antimicrobial materials are usually thought to be developed for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical sectors, this statement seems not to be true anymore.

In fact such products are increasingly gaining ground in several other fields of application and no longer used only for the production of healthcare and hospital clothes and textiles, blood transfusion bags, devices or plastic containers which necessarily must comply with all those regulations which aim to fully safeguard patients.

Antimicrobial additives are in fact increasingly used in the food industry to ensure a safe packaging of the finished product or even in the furniture industry, for the manufacturing of wallpaper, sofas and armchairs. Above all, we should mention the most innovative final usage, which brings considerable benefits in terms of safety for people.

We are specifically referring to non-food or non-medical commercial applications such as: handles, brackets and plastic seats that are required to be installed on means of mass transportation (such as buses, trains and subways), doors, tables, counters for coffee shops and restaurants and children’s toys for indoors and outdoors, so to protect people as much as possible from infections.


VIBA can offer a wide range of ANTIMICROBIAL ADDITIVES aimed for several final applications.

Let’s take for example our VIBATAN® PE 01639  recommended for polyolefin and other polymeric compositions requiring preservation against fungal and bacterial deterioration, specifically suitable for the production of waste bins and drainage tubing but also for the production of tooth brushes or shoe insoles.

Our Company can also offer VIBATAN® PE 02661 which can prevent and stop the growth and propagation of micro-organisms maintaining its efficacy even after several washes of the end- product. This is thanks to the additive contained, which releases small dosages of active substance during each washing cycle. Furthermore, it is food approved according to FDA regulation and particularly suitable for food contact as well.

VIBATAN® PC 03283 has been specifically developed for applications with Polycarbonate as a carrier for extrusion and injection moulding applications.

VIBA’s Technical Department is at disposal for any further information you may require.