The on-going interest in the respect for our planet is encouraging the proper use of materials available in nature, thus developing what is known as “green philosophy”.

Considerable importance is being given to WPC, a composite material made of thermoplastics and wood. In most cases both can come from recycled materials.

To obtain such blend it is possible to use different kinds of wood flour in addition to virgin or recycled plastics. When mixed together plastic makes wood fibers more resistant to humidity, while wood makes plastic more durable.

Such blend can easily be extruded and moulded to obtain the desired shapes of products for different fields such as building or automotive sector. WPC, is a long lasting product and amongst other benefits needs a low maintenance.

VIBA Laboratories have recently developed VIBATAN® ANTISHRINKAGE 03916 for the extrusion of polyethylene compounds filled with wood flours (WPC). During processing such Masterbatch improves compatibility between the polymer and wood flour, thus avoiding shrinkage the finished product, which can occur due to the different nature of plastic and wood.


VIBATAN® ANTISHRINKAGE 03916 allows a considerable increase of some mechanical features of the compound according to the percentage of the components in the blend and dosage of VIBATAN® 03916.

VIBA’s Technical Department is at disposal for any further information you may require.