Date: 31/10/2011

We often learn of accidents where fires and black toxic smoke prevent rescuers to act with the necessary promptness, while the consequent delays in relief cause people to lose their lives by suffocation.

Flame Retardants added to plastic are aimed to prevent the outbreak of fire by interrupting or delaying the combustion process, thus reducing the spread of fire allowing people to escape and limiting damages to objects and buildings, but it is also true that some substances they are made of release too dense and toxic smokes.

In order to avoid or at least limit these risks associated with the outbreak of fire, the International Law is increasingly intervening (let’s mention RoHS and REACH ) by imposing restrictions on substances which may be harmful and which are commonly used in the production of goods ranging from the electronics field to buildings, furniture or clothing. The suggested alternative is basically to use halogen-free substances to be added to a wide range of products such as electronic equipments, textiles, building materials and furnishings, which means to all those applications where the risk of fire requires special attention. These non-halogenated substances, however, do not prevent the outbreak of any fire, but they can avoid the release of toxic or corrosive gases and can prevent the development of dense black smoke.

VIBA Laboratories have recently developed two Halogen Free additives which can perform very well, VIBATAN® LDPE FLAME RETARDANT HALOGEN FREE 04109 and VIBATAN® PE FLAME RETARDANT HALOGEN FREE 04063.

Both products have been developed to make polyolefin industrial films self extinguishing (those having thickness from 50µ a 500µ). As for 04109 working temperatures do not have to exceed 190-200°, while as for 04063 they do not have to exceed 250°.

Such special formulations allow a higher transparency and a lower density and toxicity of smokes if compared to traditional halogenated products.

Our Technicians are also working on a third product, more effective if compared to the above mentioned ones and suitable for special applications. On the matter we will be in the position to give you soon more details.

In any case of for any other more detailed information our Technical Department is at your complete disposal.