According to a report recently published by a very important market research company, the global market of bottled water is expected to substantially grow (there will be an increase of about $195 billion by 2018).

The main reasons for such increase seem to be the interesting innovations in bottling technology which have lowered the price of the finished product, as well as the increasing concern for diseases due to poor or bad hydration.

This way PET continues to be successful in the beverage industry, being preferred to glass and metal due to many reasons. These include its excellent gas and moisture barrier properties, its low weight and high resistance to breakage.



VIBA can offer several products specific for PET applications:

VIBATAN® PET SLIP 03015, special and innovative slipping agent which can confer to end products many advantages, such as a considerable reduction of the friction coefficient, increase in de-nesting performances, better resistance of the end-product to friction and scratches and a considerable increase of surface brilliance.

We have highly performing VIBATAN® PET UV MASTERBATCHES, such as  VIBATAN® 01184, a dispersion of a special UV Absorber, which can create a very good barrier to UV radiations, especially to those between 300 and 380 nm.

This Masterbatch is particularly suitable for the production of shrink films aimed for the covering of PET bottles.

Let’s not forget our colours for PET, among which VIBATAN® PET GREEN 95632 or VIBATAN® PET TRANSPARENT T0701.

VIBA’s Technical Department is at disposal for any further information you may require.