Biopolymers are a new generation of biodegradable plastics. They are derived entirely from renewable raw materials they, help to preserve non-renewable resources (oil, natural gas and coal) and can effectively alleviate the serious problem of waste handling.

The interest of consumers, end users and producers of these Biopolymers is increasing steadily in the market. This is surely due to the alarming awareness that petrochemical resources are finite and to the subsequent rise in oil prices, but also to the growing awareness of ecological issues and the preservation of our planet.

The growing importance of living in harmony with nature and of leaving to future generations a healthy planet along with the need to face the problem of environmental pollution, have encouraged the development of a new generation of biocompatible materials and innovative products. Such materials are recyclable, eco-friendly and often biodegradable. In addition, their final performances are comparable to those of polymers of petrochemical origin.

However, the physical and mechanical properties of such Biopolymers sometimes do not allow the replacement of conventional polymers in all their applications. Polylactic Acid for example, is a material with some remarkable problems such as a low heat resistance and low impact resistance; therefore, it may need to be modified with the use of an additive when high thermal or mechanical performance is required.

VIBA Laboratories have developed some innovative Masterbatches which can offer the most performing features for Biopolymers, whilst at the same time circumventing the typical disadvantages of such materials.

The new VIBATAN® Masterbatches have been formulated to improve mechanical properties in PLA, both in extrusion, injection and blow moulding.

VIBATAN® PLA MODIFIER 03925 is a preparation containing an active substance which can improve resilience on a Polylactic Acid carrier. It has been expressly formulated for Polylactic Acid injection moulding, in order to improve the mechanical features of end products, in particular impact resistance. Furthermore, the contained special additive helps to keep a high level of transparency of end-products, especially if compared with the traditional and most commonly used impact modifiers.


VIBATAN® PLA STRENGTHENER 04075 is a high concentration preparation of a special additive which can improve spindle resistance, on a Polylactic Acid carrier. It has been expressly studied both for the production of bottles and for the extrusion of Polylactic Acid sheets. Therefore processing is improved and “melt necking” reduced during sheet extrusion; furthermore such product balances viscosity loss due to PLA’s lack of drying or in the presence of recycled PLA.

VIBATAN® PLA ENHANCER 03834 is an innovative Masterbatch containing a very high concentration of a special additive which can increase some mechanical properties, in a Polylactic Acid carrier. Such innovative product improves PLA productivity during transformation processes (extrusion, thermoforming and injection moulding), improves the processability of recycled PLA and considerably enhances some mechanical features of PLA end-products, such as impact resistance, stability of the melted mass and its behavior when cut.

VIBA’s Technical Department is at disposal for any further information you may require.