In the electronics industry, the final product needs to be packed as to preserve each single component and to secure a correct protection from the elements.

One of the many problems which has to be addressed is the formation of surface electrostatic charges. Electronic equipment has reached nowadays very high technical standards, and being so sophisticated they are very sensitive to interferences.

This is why Antistatic additives are incorporated into polymers. They have the ability to considerably decrease the surface resistance of plastic materials to avoid dust deposits and any kind of inconvenience due to electrostatic charges caused by friction.

VIBA Laboratories, always work on innovative solutions and they have recently developed VIBATAN® PE ANTISTATIC 03839, a Masterbatch containing a synergic blend of Antistatic agents which are highly performant also under low relative humidity conditions. This product will be therefore perfectly suitable for the production of packaging aimed at electronics and foodstuffs sectors.


VIBATAN® PE ANTISTATIC 03839 is suggested for the production of polyethylene end-products and especially for film extrusion, as it prevents the formation of surface electrostatic charges and provides high Antistatic performances.

VIBA’s Technical Department is at disposal for any further information you may require.