Why a multifunctional masterbatch? Multifunctional masterbatches deliver performance enhancement by combining generic masterbatch concepts. Thus multifunctionality is created: multiple functions and material performances are offered by one single product, which in turn deliver cost efficiency.

Some sectors, more than others, require multi-performing products. Among these, we should undoubtedly mention the sector of insulating pipes and polyethylene foils foamed with gas. The final applications in this sector are varied and represent a market that is always expanding and can therefore offer interesting opportunities to manufacturers.

These range from pipes required to thermally insulate the components of plumbing and air conditioning systems, to those designed for the passage of drinking water, gas, sewage, irrigation, fire fighting pipes, pipes for purification systems, for underwater pipelines and much more.

The products require high performance characteristics, superior technical features and practical application advantages. High flexibility of the insulating pipe is needed, together with greater ease of sliding on the pipes to be insulated, effective protection against tearing and abrasion, high capacity to reduce energy dissipation and CO2 emissions, reduction of noise transmission.

Always produced in PE and in great demand are sheets of polyethylene foam, a light, flexible, elastic, waterproof and anti-mould, non-toxic material that can be used in the most varied sectors, from packaging to agriculture.

In this respect VIBA can offer its VIBATAN®PE MULTIFUNCTIONAL GREY G6771 a combination of an anticollpse additive, a nucleating agent and an inorganic pigment masterbatch in polyethylene. The product has been expressly developed for the extrusion of gas foamed insulating pipes and sheets in polyethylene.

The tests which have been conducted by our Labo show clear reinforcement of process and properties when adding PE Multifunctional GREY G6771. This masterbatch offers not only ultimate mechanical properties, but also opens new opportunities by obtaining new physical features of the material.

PE Multifunctional GREY G6771 contributes to enhance processability during extrusion and the properties in the final product. Multifunctional GREY G6771 offers many advantages, such as a valid anti-collapse action, by avoiding the collapse of foam and reducing the quantity of used gas, as it can keep gas inside the foamed product. Its improved nucleating action will be displayed in the presence of a regular closed-cell foam structure, while the particular pigment in use improves heat exchange, thus considerably increasing the insulating effect. The final colour of end products will be anthracite.