High levels of Melt Index are currently requested by the Polypropylene market, in particular for fibers and for injection moulding of products having very low thickness.

Such request comes from the need to produce quickly and without defects.

Let’s think about “non woven fabrics”, where the extrusion of thin filament is easily breakable. These fabrics are obtained by polymers, they are made of many extruded filaments with points of intersection which are first softened and then welded together.


To properly process these materials without facing problems which could slow down or damage production VIBA is in the position to offer a high quality product.

VIBATAN® PP PEROXIDE 01549 particularly suggested to increase Polypropylene fluidity and make the distribution of mass molecular weight more uniform.

It is suitable for the extrusion of Polypropylene fibers or for Polypropylene injection moulding, when high fluidity levels are required. It is also suggested for the production of objects having small dimensions and for those productions requiring a very good time/number ratio.

When using VIBATAN® PP PEROXIDE 01549 all the above mentioned advantages can be easily obtained, this thanks to the increased Melt Index.

If used at 2%, for example, it increases MFI from 25 to 100 (g/10’@230°C), thus demonstrating the increase in performance.

VIBA’s Technical Department is at disposal for any further information you may require.