To meet the increasing demand of the market asking for products featuring all the advantages of plastics, but also the optical effect and transparency typical of high quality glass, VIBA can propose an innovative clarifying agent which can modify the Polypropylene molecular structure, thus improving its optical features, reducing cooling times while increasing productivity.

Such product works on the molecular structure of Polypropylene, greatly improving not only its optical characteristics, but also reducing the cooling time and thus increasing productivity.

Due to its competitive price, low density, excellent stiffness/impact balance, chemical and thermal resistance, Polypropylene remains the preferred choice for the production of plastic containers such as bottles and jars.


If such production has remained largely untapped by Polypropylene, today such problem can be bypassed by using our VIBATAN® PP SUPERGLASSIFYING 04112 which can greatly increase the transparency of Polypropylene.

Such results can be obtained even at medium processing temperatures. The neutral end products will be more transparent and attractive  (there will be no yellowing typical of resins).

VIBA’s Technical Department is at disposal for any further information you may require.