The Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) is a highly versatile material which combines extraordinary properties of elasticity and mechanical strength guaranteed on a wide temperature range of use.

Let’s discover its potentials: a well known resistance to abrasion, impact, oils and fats,  a high flexibility even at low temperatures while maintaining a high elasticity. All these make TPU perfectly suited for several final applications, ranging from ski boots to sports shoes, diving masks and particularly suited for the electrical cable sector and its countless applications.

If we think for example about industrial equipment, this must meet strict requirements related to the efficiency and security that the market necessitates.

This is why industrial automation systems are becoming more complex and their manufactures need components which can assure excellent performances of quality and durability.

VIBA can offer a Masterbatch suggested for the production of electrical cables and designed to greatly improve the processability of the end-product.

This is VIBATAN® PROCESS AID 04456 developed by our Laboratories in order to facilitate the production of cables for industrial equipment, to help their processing and to avoid the formation of residues during extrusion.


The end-product will be of the highest quality and perfect for the use in all industrial equipment, including those for food and medical supplies, which need to pay a great attention to safety regulations.

The product is also suitable for those applications which need a Food Approval Certificate.

VIBA’s Technical Department is at disposal for any further information you may require.