Some people call it fake leather, others synthetic leather or TPU leather but a great part of the important fashion brands utilize it in their products. In recent years the production of this “eco-friendly leather” has grown considerably.

We must not be surprised if the winners of the “Giro d’Italia” wear eco-friendly shoes or if many famous international stylists are supporting eco-friendly leather instead of natural leather, claiming that this will result in cruelty against animals.

Shoes, bags, belts, car seats, wheels, motorbike jackets, safety footwear… We always come across products made with eco-friendly leather.

The insufficient supply and high cost of genuine leather has increased the demand for an alternative solution. Eco-friendly leather is long lasting, inexpensive and can be easily washed without becoming rigid. This means that expensive and polluting leather tanning process can be entirely avoided with considerable savings in water and energy and without the use of solvents.

Eco-leather is a fabric coated with TPU resin that replicates very closely the look of genuine leather.
It incorporates different features: innovation, resistance, lightness, dimensional stability, breathability, water repellency.
It is a versatile material that satisfies the most demanding needs and nowadays it is a must in the fashion and sports sector.

VIBA is able to offer high performance solutions which can satisfy all the request of the market.

We can propose a wide range of colours for TPU, from standard White and Black to high effect Blue or Yellow.

For the UV stabilization of TPU products ask for our PU UV MASTER 02207 which allows long lasting mechanical features of TPU end-products and reduces the yellowing phenomena, typical of TPU degradation.

Amongst others let’s not forget VIBATAN TPU MATT 04561 suitable to impart a matt finish the end product, our VIBATAN TPU RELEASE AGENT 04573 to facilitate the injection molding process or our VIBATAN PROCESS AID 04456 to help the extrusion process.