Excellent solution for those who want a high quality product at a very competitive price.

This Masterbatch is suitable for injection moulding, sheet extrusion and thermoforming for SAN and also for ABS.

Highly concentrated it confers an excellent opacity in the final result at a minimum dosage, also for the production of very thin plastic laminates or food containers.


Have you ever had the feeling while enjoying a yogurt to hold an easily breakable plastic container, just because coloured with a white Masterbatch performing a poor covering that makes it too transparent?

Or the fear to place on a plastic top of your kitchen any heavy object, because you see it to transparent and feel that could be too fragile?

When using our VIBATAN® SAN WHITE 12168 such inconveniences can be easily avoided, as it imparts a very good opacity and whiteness, thus allowing a substantial reduction in the dosage, while giving a high quality final effect.

VIBA’s Technical Department is at disposal for any further information you may require.