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Regulations governing personal data protection

In accordance with article 13 of Law Decree196/03 “Regulations governing personal data protection”,

VIBA S.p.A. notifies that the data you supply will be used solely for purposes of commercial information, for sending advertising material or interactive commercial communication material about products and/or services provided by VIBA S.p.A. The submission of data is entirely optional, but the lack of demographic details may prevent us from sending you the above mentioned material. The information you provide will be processed by computer. The data will not be disclosed to third parties or spread. The data could be processed by individuals working inside the Group Companies or by external collaborators working for the Group Companies, all of them as data executors and/or processors. You have the right to access data concerning your person, to have them corrected, integrated, updated, to have them cancelled or blocked or to object to your data being used, thus exercising the rights established by Art. 7 of Law Decree 196/03, by contacting:

VIBA S.p.A (Data Controller) – Via Mantova,2 – 21049, Tradate (VA)

Access to certain sections of the website and/or any requests for information or services by the users of the website may be subject to entering personal data, use of which will be made by VIBA S.p.A, as Data Controller, in respect of Law Decree 196/03 “Code on the subject of personal data protection”.

Personal data will be processed in a automated form, only for the aforementioned purposes.