Date: 10/10/2012

VIBA Laboratories have recently developed an innovative formulation expressly studied for the processing of polyester (foils and sheets for thermoforming), and it is also suitable for blow moulding and injection moulding.

We are talking about VIBATAN® PET AB/SLIP 04142, dispersion of a special slipping agent in addition to an antiblocking agent in a homopolymer polyester carrier. The slipping agent migrates to surface, thus reducing adherence, while the antiblocking agent creates superficial micro-wrinkles.

Many advantages can be obtained, among which the reduction of coefficient of friction, an increase in melted mass lubrication, an increase in “de-nesting” performances in stacked end-products. But also a better “mould release” effect and a better surface resistance to friction and scratches.

Such formulation is suitable for food contact and is particularly suggested when the antiblocking effect should not affect the transparency of end products.

For further and more detailed information our Technical Department is at your disposal.