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Small granules, vast know-how with VIBATAN® Masterbatches

Product code

Product name



Masterbatch idoneo per filmatura di polimeri poliolefinici

Masterbatch idoneo per la colorazione di film da pacciamatura senza stabilizzante UV

UV Absorber Masterbatch non subject to migration for Polyolefin end-products

Masterbatch suitable for the colouring of mulching film without UV stabiliser

Slip and Antiblocking Masterbatch for the production of Polyolefin film



The range of white VIBATAN® is particularly wide and comprises formulations which impart to the finished product a homogenous and covering coloration. We offer:

  • General purpose Masterbatches available also in modified versions: Azure, Granite effect, Pearlescent effect
  • Masterbatches for cast film (for diapers, stretch, adhesive film for hay bales)
  • Masterbatches for packaging, extrusion and lamination
  • Masterbatches for thermoforming suitable for Polyolefins Styrenic resins and Technopolymers
  • Special TiO2 Masterbatches with UV resistance also in combination with HALS
  • Masterbatches with an extremely variable concentration of white pigment – up to 75%
  • Masterbatches with functional additives (Antioxidants, Antistatics, Flame Retardants, Slip Agents, UV Stabilizers, Process Aids, etc.)
  • Masterbatches based on different polymers (Polyolefins Polystyrene, Technopolymers and Biopolymers)
  • Formulations for general usages and special applications (specific for external use, anti-die buildup, suitable for European Pharmacopeia, with UV Stabilizer or Absorber properties and reduced abrasiveness for the cutting blades in raffia production)


VIBA offers a complete range of black VIBATAN® suitable for the main thermoplastic polymers containing numerous types of carbon black of different particle size. These Masterbatches are all compliant with the main international standards:

  • Non-toxic Masterbatches for the extrusion of film used in the production of containers and potable water tubing
  • Special formulations suitable for the production of stretch film in combination with UV Stabilizers and/or Antioxidants. A typical use is that for agricultural films and tubing
  • Masterbatches for mono extrusion and co-extrusion of cast film and sheets
  • Specific Masterbatches for fibers in PP, PA and PET.
  • Masterbatches with concentrations up to 50%
  • Masterbatches with or without filler
  • Masterbatches of various carrier polymers, ranging from the traditional Polyolefin or Polystyrene resins to Technopolymers and Biopolymers
  • Masterbatches with functional additives (Antioxidants, Antistatics, Flame Retardants, Slip Agents, UV Stabilizers, Process Aids, etc.)
  • Formulations for general applications such as injection moulding or extrusion of high thickness products, as well as those for critical applications such as filament extrusion, woven non woven and extremely thin film for mulching


The shades of colour are infinite. Since 1973 VIBA is specialized in the production and formulations of special recipes of VIBATAN® Colours:

  • VIBA can imitate any colour shade upon client’s request
  • We offer Masterbatches of various carrier polymers, ranging from the traditional Polyolefin or Polystyrene resins to Technopolymers and Biopolymers
  • The shades vary from transparent to covering
  • The countertypeing of colours can be made using standard references such as Pantone, RAL and NCS. For more exacting clients a simple physical sample as reference is sufficient


The VIBATAN® Trademark has consolidated its brand name thanks to the quality and performance of its Masterbatch Additive range, traditional or special formulations which blended in the polymer confer those physical and chemical properties requested by the client. The VIBA Additive range is subdivided as follows:

  • Additives devised to protect and aid the transformation process in the production of goods (Antioxidants, Process Aids, Slip Agents, Lubricating Agents)
  • Additives which confer specific characteristics to the final product so as to make it most apt for its end use (UV Stabilizers, UV Absorbers, Antifog Agents, Flame Retardants, Expansor Agents, Nucleating Agents, Slip Agents, Antislip and Cling Agents, Antistatic Agents, Antiblocking Agents, Antioxidants, Anti Gamma Rays, Laser Markers, Corrosion Inhibitors, Metal Deactivators, Thermal Additives, Degrading Agents, Anticollapse Agents, Ripening Inhibitors, Cleaning Agents, Tracers, Bacteriostatic – Anti Dust Mite, BOPP Range)
  • Additive with dual function, active both in the manufacturing process as well as the lifetime of the product (Antioxidant Additives, Slip Agents, Antiblocking Agents, Antistatic Agents)
  • Combined Masterbatches in order to obtain with one product the action of several additives
  • Masterbatches of various carrier polymers, ranging from the traditional Polyolefin or Polystyrene resins to Technopolymers and Biopolymers
  • Great flexibility in concentration from very low to extremely high
  • Suitable for the main production processes such as injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding
  • Formulations conceived in accordance to the finished product type, from ultra-thin such as fibers and film to thick as moulded products and mouldings

Special Effects

The VIBATAN® special effects range includes products suitable for the most diverse industries and varied applications:

  • Pearlescent effect Masterbatches giving a pearly finish to the goods, available in different colour shades
  • Fluorescent Masterbatches which give the finished product a fluo colour tone, available in different shades
  • Iridescent Masterbatches which give a shimmering hue depending on the angle of viewing, available in different shades
  • Thermochromatic Masterbatches which impart different colours to the finished product depending on the temperature to which it is subjected
  • Metallic effect Masterbatches which impart to the finished product a silver, gold, copper or brass shade
  • Glitter effect Masterbatches which impart to the finished product a black or coloured dotting such as a granite effect, either on a white or coloured base
  • Metallized effect Masterbatches which give metal dotting finish on a coloured base
  • Masterbatches suitable for the main production processes such as injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding with diverse polymers (from the traditional Polyolefin and Polystyrene resins to Technopolymers)

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